Sayyed Machinery Limited 


Sayyed Machinery Limited was established in 1982 to provide the design and implementations of engineering projects.  The vision was a flexible shop with a diverse manufacturing program. The company embarked upon the manufacture and fabrication of several agricultural implements.  Our Reaper Windrower was a great success and won first position at the Farm Machinery Exhibition at the National Agricultural Research Centre.


The company has produced design development drawings, and manufactured several components for the automotive and agricultural industries, namely the requirements of OEM’s like Massey Ferguson and FIAT tractors.


We have recently started production of our Happy Rocket Seeder, which is a PTO driven tractor mounted eight row seeding machine. It has proved its worth, by timely sowing of wheat, substantial savings in its operating cost, soil moisture conservation, early decomposition of crop residue, non-chemical weed control, reduced environmental pollution, and improvement in soil aeration and fertility.


Our distinctive advantage is the professional and administrative backgrounds highlighted by experienced and well qualified staff. The driving force of our company is the desire to develop a strong manufacturing base, and execution of producing economical products.  All of this will be done while keeping our commitment to total quality management and maintaining the industry’s high standards of quality with low cost.


We see growth of our business in automotive and agricultural sector. Our strength is our strong Engineering background and a professional management team.  The location of our facilities is fast becoming the hub of engineering industries with many Industrial parks nearby, and with easy access.